Ball vs Hole - Huseyin Aydin

Ball vs Hole

Huseyin Aydin

Genre: Games

Release Date: 07 July 2018

Each ball has own flexibility. Find your favorite ball and try to finish 200 levels. TIPS Maybe you can think of some levels as impossible. Maybe you must find hidden alternative way. Use your wit. Some levels may look very easy. But we thought some traps for you. Features : - Free to play - Play whenever you want. Its very simple! - Suitable for all ages. Now it is relaxing time ! Big update released - Now levels are easier. - New heart system (Begin with 20 hearts and Collect hearts with first basket.) - Once in every 5 levels you will have "Checkpoint". Never miss this advantage. - You will never drop off from last checkpoint. - Begin with bonus 20 hearts. - Continue with using your free hearts. - Less angry - World Cup Surprises.

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