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Genre: Shopping

Release Date: 10 October 2016

It is a hot summer’s day and a young girl is running along a coastal road. Nearby, the Daughter of Poseidon is basking in the Sun, working on her tan line. Girl: It’s so hot today, but I must finish this run or else I won’t get first place. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind sweeps her glasses from her face and sends them flying into the sea. Girl: OMG my glasses! I can’t run without them. I’m totally screwed! What should I do?! The girl falls to her knees and stares into the sea. Her vision is blurred, but she can just about make out the waves lapping against the shore. She begins to shout and curse the cruel sea for taking away her glasses. Daughter of Poseidon: Girl, why are you so noisy? I’m trying to nap over here. Girl: My glasses fell into the sea. They were my only pair. I am lost without them. Daughter of Poseidon: Your glasses really mean that much to you? Girl: I’m running in a competition. I’m in the lead, but without my glasses, I can’t see clearly. How can I win without 20:20 vision? Daughter of Poseidon: Hmmm……Ok, I’ll take a look for you. Just wait here. The Daughter of Poseidon was annoyed at being disturbed, but if she is to get rid of the girl. She will have to help her. She disappears into the sea for a few moments and comes out with a pair of shiny sunglasses. Daughter of Poseidon: Are these your glasses? Girl: No. Those are not mine. I can't see clearly whilst wearing them. The prescription lenses are all wrong. Daughter of Poseidon: Are you sure? Can you just make do with them? Girl: No, I must have my own glasses or else I can’t win my race. Daughter of Poseidon: Ok, wait here. I’ll be back. The Daughter of Poseidon disappears into the sea again and comes back with another pair of glasses. Daughter of Poseidon: Are these your glasses? Girl: No, no! Those are not my glasses, either. The rims on these sunglasses are all wrong. Daughter of Poseidon: Why do the rims matter? Girl: I’m if going to finish first I will need to look good in the photos. Daughter of Poseidon: Ok, fine... This time I’ll get the right pair. Wait here. The Daughter of Poseidon disappears into the sea and comes back moments later with a pair of fashionable-looking sunglasses. Daughter of Poseidon: Please tell me these are your glasses… Girl: OMG, yes, yes! Those are mine! You’ve found my glasses! You are the best. Thank you so much! The girl puts on her glasses and see’s the Daughter of Poseidon clearly for the first time. Girl: Wow, your figure is so beautiful, but that style of bikini is so out of date! I have a great App, it can teach you how to dress in the latest trends. Look at these beautiful dresses, two-piece outfits, bikinis, one pieces, rompers… The Daughter of Poseidon scowls at the girl for disrespecting her so. Girl: Trust me, you will be more gorgeous and get more compliments once you start buying clothes from this App; and don't worry, there are massive discounts so that you can save more, along with free shipping, freebies, loyalty points and huge discount coupons. The Daughter of Poseidon takes out her phone and downloads the ZAFUL App. Big discounts and regular gifts are always the way to go. 18 JUNE: ZAFUL 4th Anniversary sale now on! Bundles of big discounts are ongoing between 1-24 JUNE. * Best wishes and free gifts for our 4th Anniversary. * Purchase items and receive freebies. * Super sale category. Up to 80% off. Free Standard Sale worldwide between 18-20 JUNE and unpredictable $1.99 FLASH SALES!

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